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company news about How to Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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Company News
How to Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Latest company news about How to Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae

How to Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Black soldier fly leavae(BSFL) is a kind of resource and environment insect with high utilization value. the growth of the aquaculture industry, and the rising price of soybean meal have led to an increase in the demand for alternative protein in the animal feed industry. A recent decision by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recommend the use of black soldier fly in the animal feed, it’s has greatly promoted the application of black soldier fly in animal feed.


The contents of crude protein of Black soldier fly leavae (BSFL) is 42%-44%,  fat is 31%-35%, calcium is 4.8%-5.1%, phosphorus is 0.6%-0.63%. For example,adding black soldier fly powder in the process of making fish feed can improve the immunity of fish. Second, increases the taste of fish feed and promote the fish feeding. The feed increases the meat coefficient lower, each increases the body weight 1 kg and the feed proportion that needs is lower than the traditional fish feed, saves the feed more.


It’s estimated that by 2030, the global black soldier fly larvae market will reach $2.57 billion, among which Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Malaysia, France, the United States, Chile and other countries have the most active black soldier fly market.


latest company news about How to Dry Black Soldier Fly Larvae  0

Drying black solider fly need fast speed because the high-protein black soldier fly larvae are prone to spoilage and mold in the air, peculiar smell will appear after 2 hours, Traditional drying methods can’t be dried in short time, so microwave drying machine is the best choice for  black solider fly leave.


Shandong Joyang Machinery design of microwave drying machine is specialized for drying black solider fly, this machine have fast drying speed.After drying the black solider fly have beautiful color, it can maintain perfect appearance, the black solider fly leave have low moisture content after drying, easy to crush, individual full, keep the original nutrients.


Black solider fly microwave drying machine feature:


1.Fast drying speed. Microwave is applied to each cell, so the drying is even and the drying speed is fast.

2.It has sterilization effect, and can improve the shelf life of black solider fly.

3.Microwave drying has a puffing effect. It’s helpful for the crushing process in the future.

4.Advanced technology, continuous production. The microwave drying machine has adjustable power and speed, no

  radiation, and can work continuously 365 days a year.

5.Energy saving and eco-friendly. Microwave drying machine uses clean and pollution-free electricity as an energy, and

   doesn’t produce exhaust gas, waste water.

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